Why Choose My Office?

  • Your comfort is VERY important to me. I will try to make your visit as pleasant as possible and make you feel welcome. Truth is, no one enjoys going to “the Doctor’s office” but I try my best to make it comfortable for you. We will not order you to “sign in and sit down”. Our staff will greet you at the door, like a welcome guest in our home and do everything possible to help you relax.
  • I will see you “on-schedule” and not let you wait endlessly. I feel it is insulting when a Doctor’s office gives you a specific appointment time and then makes you wait two hours in their office for the “appointment”. Honestly, once in a while a previous patient’s appointment runs longer than expected and I do fall behind. I do promise to make every effort to keep you updated, if that happens, offer you satisfactory options.
  • I will make every effort to explain what I see. In my office we make extensive use of a tiny camera which can show pictures of your teeth on a TV screen, right in front of you (no radiation required). This allows us to look at problems together and discuss the treatment options.
  • Dental phobia? I can help. Some of our patients have had poor experiences as children (and adults) in other dental offices. You may be fearful of the noises, medicinal odors or just the thought of someone putting instruments in your mouth. I promise to make every effort to be gentle and explain what I am going to do, before I do it. If something is suddenly uncomfortable, I will stop immediately and determine how I can make it easier for you.
  • You won’t be rushed. We will take the time to treat you like a person, not just a number on a chart. We realize that trust is built on a relationship and that takes time. Please let me know if I am moving too fast for your comfort and I will gladly adjust accordingly.
  • The highest quality treatment at a fair fee. Dentistry is not a commodity (like a cell phone or a set of tires), it is an intricate and demanding skill. That skill has two-parts, first accurately diagnosing the problems and, secondly, correcting them in the proper manner (using the right materials). I have over 29 years developing my skills, which includes hundreds of hours in postgraduate education, on new techniques and materials.
  • My office is “Mercury-Free” and “Mercury-Safe. I am accredited by the IAOMT in the safe removal of mercury/amalgam fillings. Unsafe removal can expose you to toxic materials. I am one of only a few dentists that have the specialized training and equipment, to do this in the safest manner. I strive to use only bio-compatible, BPA-free and non-toxic dental materials on all my patients.
  • I do not fear “second opinions”. After more than 29 years in practice and having successfully treated more than 30,000 patient visits, I am confident in my diagnostic skill. However, it is always your right to seek a “second opinion”. I understand that some patients are disturbed, after hearing a less than favorable diagnosis. My goal is for you to receive the best care, whether it is in my office, or elsewhere. When there is even the slightest doubt, I often will be the one to recommend a dental specialist, to re-confirm my findings before moving forward. Your ultimate satisfaction, health and comfort are my primary goals.