In our patients own words . . .

I am honored by the loyalty of my patients, who have entrusted me with their dental health, for many years. They have happily referred their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to my office . . . and continue to do so.

In my office you will find a special book proudly on display, containing handwritten testimonials from many of my delighted patients. Please enjoy the following excerpts, taken from that book. These wonderful people have been kind enough to commit their experiences to paper, for others to read.

I am so very grateful to have been your patient over the past few years. I am evermore inspired by your values and what you represent and stand for in the dental community. The way in which you have attended to me – with such care and thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed. Without you I would have been in bad shape! Thank you so much for everything, Dr. Balica.

Eva, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Balica is an incredibly impressive doctor. She is so competent and knows what she is doing with precision. In addition, she always takes the time to explain the problem and what should be done about it. In Dr. Balica’s office, we are treated like human beings and not as just a number. I get the feeling that Dr. Balica and her staff like their patients.

Maria, Astoria, NY

I am 82 years old and this is my third experience with full denture treatment (the last two were from other dentists). Dr. Balica practices state-of-the-art holistic dentistry, which exceeded my expectations. Dr. Balica is warm, kind, friendly and extremely patient. This is true of her staff. Highly recommended . . . she rates a 10!

Richard, Brooklyn, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. Balica for over 20 years. During that time she has exhibited the highest degree of professionalism as well as bringing a holistic approach to her practice. Other offices run an “assembly line”, where they rush you in and out. This doesn’t exist here. You are made to feel like you are the only patient that exists, with care at its best.

Larry, Jamaica, NY

I came to Dr. Balica with four metal fillings, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. With Dr. Balica’s help in safely removing my metal fillings and changes in my diet, I am recovering and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Balica’s holistic approach makes me feel safe, not only in my teeth’s health but my overall health.

Craig, Astoria, NY

My dental problems have been solved in an excellent manner by Dr Balica and all her staff. I did not have really bad experiences in other offices but coming to Dr. Balica takes away any anxiety or negative feelings that would appear when going “to the dentist”.

Rhoda, Astoria, NY

Dr. Balica’s work is brilliant and beyond state-of-the-art. I am so grateful I found her. I was looking for a natural (biological) dentist who could safely remove my silver mercury fillings (my Father suffered from dementia). Not only did she do a beautiful job with that, she is also right for all other dentistry. I’m always treated with great respect, care and concern. It’s a fun office, everyone is so nice!

Christine, New York, NY

I came to Dr. Balica after watching a documentary on Holistic health and after speaking with a leading dentist presented in the film. I called his office to find help locating a dentist in my city, who performed the safe method to remove and replace my toxic silver fillings. I found out she is one of only two dentists who perform the procedure and I’m glad I did this after ten years of neglect.

M.L., Bronx, NY

I have an auto-immune condition and I’m extra sensitive. Dr. Balica is the only dentist I have ever been to, who paid attention to my special needs. Having her safely replace my old silver fillings was one of the best choices I ever made! Since then, I feel that my body has had a chance to heal, more than it has in a very long time. With Dr. Balica I feel comforted and at ease, that I am in the best hands possible.

Debra, Westchester, NY

Dr. Balica is wonderful! She is very understanding and helps people like me, who are big “chickens”, to relax. More important, she recognized a medical problem and referred me to a physician, who confirmed her suspicion! I am very grateful to her for that.

Stephanie, New York, NY

I’ve always felt “at home” here. This is the first time in my life, that I found a dentist who is kind enough to explain each step of the treatment. This just makes me feel like I matter.

Ivania, New York, NY