Dental Services

At my office you will find a full range of services and technology, combining the best of traditional dentistry, with the latest techniques in Biological (Holistic) treatment.

I can help you with:

  • Safe Amalgam (Silver/Mercury) Filling Removal and Replacement
  • LASER Dentistry (painless light therapy which can reduce gum infections)
  • DEXIS Digital X-Rays (most accurate system available, ultra low-dose radiation)
  • The WandPainless Computer Assisted Single Tooth Anesthesia System
  • BPA-Free Cosmetic Dentistry (change your smile, often in only ONE visit)
  • Metal-Free Crowns, Bridges and Dentures
  • Metal-Free Fillings (BPA-free)
  • LASER Cavity Finder (highly accurate, NO radiation required)
  • Implants (easier than ever to replace missing teeth)
  • Veneers & Bonding (to close spaces & repair chipped teeth)
  • KöR Tooth Whitening (
  • At Home Gum Disease TreatmentPerio Protect Provider (
  • Teeth Cleaning (it’s never too late . . . )
  • Desensitization Therapy (enjoy all your favorite foods tonight . . . pain free!)
  • Gum Therapy Maintenance
  • DeLuxe Equipoise Dentures (Most comfortable, best fitting available)
  • Metal-Free Tooth Straightening (ClearCorrect removable clear aligners)
  • Oral Surgery (I am gentle . . . promise)
  • Second Opinions/Consultations (let’s talk it over)

I offer many other custom services . . . please feel free to inquire.


Safe Removal of Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings

I am accredited by the in the SMART amalgam removal protocol.

You can learn about the SMART protocol, for safely removing old amalgam fillings.

Dental schools still teach dentists to use silver amalgam fillings and the American Dental Association (ADA) continues to tell the public they are safe. But recently more and more questions have been raised about the safety of the mercury vapor released from amalgams. This has resulted in a controversy and an ongoing debate about them – with some dentists saying they are safe and some saying they aren’t. This has now evolved to the point where over 50% of practicing dentists are no longer putting amalgam fillings in their patients’ teeth. Also of interest is that three countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have banned the use of these fillings in the dental practice.

In addition, because it has been proven that high levels of toxic mercury vapor are released when amalgam fillings are removed, I’ve made my office as mercury-safe as possible. To that purpose, I use state-of-the art technology, equipment, and safe removal protocols, to protect my patients, my staff, myself and the environment from excessive, and unnecessary, occupational exposure to mercury at my office. Thus, I’ve now made my practice mercury free (amalgam-free) and mercury safe.

I am the ONLY dentist in Queens County, New York, who is accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for this specialty.

Call me TODAY at 718-545-7175. Please call again if the lines are busy.

  • I want to make it absolutely clear, however, that the decision to remove and replace these fillings can only be made by you.

Want to know more about Mercury Amalgam fillings?

In December, 2019 an important research article was published in the National Institute of Health (a government database) that stated:

“Mercury is one of the most toxic elements and causes a multitude of health problems. It is ten times more toxic to neurons than lead. This study was created to determine if mercury could be causing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by cross referencing the effects of mercury with 70 factors associated with AD. The results found that all these factors could be attributed to mercury. The hallmark changes in AD include plaques, beta amyloid protein, neurofibrillary tangles, phosphorylated tau protein, and memory loss—all changes that can be caused by mercury.” 

Dr. Joseph Mercola, well known natural physician and NY Times bestselling author has described mercury dental fillings as a “Biochemical Train Wreck”. You can read his enlightening articles on this subject at:

Dr. Mercola has had frequent appearances on national media including the Dr. Oz show and major news channels.


Exceptional Teeth Whitening Results . . . Thrilled Patients, Every Time.

You may have tried a home teeth whitening product before and were not too happy with the result. Maybe it only looked a little better or didn’t last too long. I can change all that.

I have found a sensational product which works better than anything I have ever seen before. The results are permanent, including the big smile on your face!

I can even whiten Tetracycline stained teeth (the real test)!

Most dentists will tell you it is impossible to whiten these type of teeth. They will tell you they are forever damaged and will require expensive veneers, to cover them up.

I have the only product on the market, which can consistently lighten this type of teeth in the privacy of your own home.

Widely recognized as the world’s most effective teeth whitening system, KöR ( offers cost-effective solutions from phenomenal home whitening for average patients, to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases and everything in-between.

These are actual patient photos, not retouched or computer-enhanced in any way:

Before      After

Before      After

How do I perform this miracle?

  • In office, painless preparation of your teeth.
  • At home use of refrigerated hi-potency gel and special applicator.
  • Follow-up office visit for final whitening touch up.
  • The results will last for years (when maintained,at home, as instructed).

The cost??

Here’s the BEST part . . . the entire treatment costs less than one veneer, on only one tooth.

Call me TODAY and let’s get started on this life changing treatment, to give you the smile you can be proud of. 718-545-7175

Referrals and Second Opinions

After more than 27 years in practice and having successfully treated more than 30,000 patient visits, I am confident in my diagnostic skill. However, it is always your right to seek a “second opinion”. I understand that some patients are disturbed, after hearing a less than favorable diagnosis. My goal is for you to receive the best care, whether it is in my office, or elsewhere. When there is even the slightest doubt, I often will be the one to recommend a dental specialist, to re-confirm my findings before moving forward. Your ultimate satisfaction, health and comfort are my primary goals.