About Biological Dentistry

Many dentists can “fix” a problem . . .

I look for the reason it happened in the first place (and try to keep it from reoccuring!)


Biological dentistry takes the best parts of general dentistry and adds a closer look at the oral health conditions that may affect the rest of the body. Biological dentistry recognizes that there is a well-documented systemic link between conditions in the mouth and your general health.

Biological dentistry recognizes the importance of using biocompatible dental materials, which are uniquely matched to your personal chemistry. This is especially geared towards patients who have had recent medical challenges or who have a family history of specific illnesses.

A biological dentist is aware that the diseases of the mouth sometimes indicate the presence of illness elsewhere in the body.

For example, if you have diabetes, you may know that the disease can harm your eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and other important systems in the body. Did you know it can also cause problems in your mouth?

People with diabetes have a higher than normal risk of periodontal (gum) diseases. Periodontal diseases are infections of the gum and bone that hold the teeth in place. In advanced stages, they lead to painful chewing problems and even tooth loss.

Periodontal disease is often without symptoms. By the time you notice some bleeding or sensitivity, you may have already lost bone that hold your teeth. Most people do not realize that periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults, not cavities! Your teeth can last your entire life, you don’t need to end up with dentures (false teeth).

I can help you to save your natural teeth. As a biological dentist I always consider using the least invasive way of treating dental conditions, so you can feel more comfortable, if you are nervous about visiting the dentist. I can offer a painless way to anesthetize a single tooth, that makes treatment much less stressful.

In my office I have non-surgical approaches to dentistry that are very effective. New techniques have become available, that show promise in reversing damage, even after years of neglect.

As a biological dentist I work with other health care providers to provide nutritional support, testing for the presence of toxic materials and detoxification. I keep your whole health in mind, not just the condition of your teeth and gums.