Dr. Ana Balica

“Don’t let your mouth get you in trouble

Hello, I’m Dr. Ana Balica. I am a biological dentist and I’d like to share some exciting SECRETS that go way beyond your teeth. These can dramatically improve your overall physical health, plus give you a huge personal advantage, both socially and professionally.

I came to Dr. Balica with four metal fillings, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. With Dr. Balica’s help in safely removing my metal fillings and changes in my diet, I am recovering and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Balica’s holistic approach makes me feel safe, not only in my teeth’s health but my overall health.

Craig, Astoria, NY

Would you like to know . . .?

  • How to look years younger and enhance your sex appeal, without any facial injections, expensive lotions or plastic surgery?
  • How to add 10 years to your lifespan, by doing just two simple things each day?
  • Which extremely poisonous substance may be in your mouth, right now… and how to safely get rid of it?
  • What incurable disease causes many woman over 30, to lose all of their teeth without any warning signs or pain?
  • How to get permanent relief from migraine headaches, insomnia, “stiff” neck and shoulder discomfort… without addicting pain medications?

Find out all these answers (and more) in my complimentary report:
“How to AVOID going to the Dentist and how to PICK A GREAT ONE, if you must”

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My office is the LARGEST and MOST INNOVATIVE Holistic dental center in Queens County, New York. After more than 20 years in practice and over 30,000 patient visits, I am proud to announce a 98.7% patient satisfaction history. Dislike waiting endlessly in the doctor’s office? I have a 90.3% “On-Time” appointment record! To reserve your special consultation, call me at 718-545-7175.


A personal message from Dr. Balica

Don’t you deserve a Biological Dentist?

Biological dentistry, takes into account a person’s physical and emotional health. As a biological dentist since 1994, I have helped thousands of female patients to look and feel their best.

I look for the reasons you had a problem to start with, not just fix what is now broken or painful. If you would choose organic food, you should also choose a biological dentist. We offer more benefits.­

I use natural therapies (often in combination with conventional ones) to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the oral cavity. Oral health is crucial for overall health. The oral cavity is the place where many microbial infections first enter the bloodstream. Compromised oral health may be a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Your customized treatment plan will include preventative care which goes beyond just practicing good oral hygiene. I believe strongly in better nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.

I can help you save your natural teeth. Together we’ll create the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve, using the finest bio-compatible materials.

(For more background on Biological Dentistry, and the amazing ways it can help you, click here.)

In a RUSHED world, I offer “old-fashioned” courtesy . . .

  • I take the time to show and explain any problems I find.
  • I discuss your options and what’s comfortable for you.
  • l Iisten to what’s on your mind, be it emotional, technical or financial.
  • I respect your time, and don’t keep you endlessly waiting.

Even though I use the phrase “old-fashioned”, rest assured I am quite modern and up-to-date. You’ll find a spotlessly clean, warm and attractive facility with all the latest equipment and technical services. More important, in my office you’ll find a safe environment to share all of your oral health concerns, confidentially with me.

Get the information which can give you a personal edge, in my complimentary report:
“How to AVOID going to the Dentist and how to PICK A GREAT ONE, if you must”

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I can help you resolve these common concerns:

  • Do you have fears about dental treatment?
  • Are you embarrassed about missing teeth?
  • Are you ashamed for “letting your mouth go”?
  • Are you annoyed with yourself for putting off treatment?
  • Are you worried how you can afford the cost of treatment?
  • Do you need special encouragement to “get started”?

Did you know, that not all dental materials may be right for you?

All my patients, especially those facing serious medical challenges, have the available option of Bio-Compatibility Testing. This definitive blood test will specify which exact brands of dental materials, are best suited for your body chemistry. Recent studies have shown that reducing systemic inflammation may have a huge positive impact on overall health.

Have you been thinking about replacing your old “silver” fillings?
Choose carefully where you have it done . . .

Amalgam “silver” fillings commonly contain 50% mercury . . . one of the most toxic substances on the planet. If you have made the personal decision to replace your old silver fillings, you must have this done in a “Mercury-Safe” office. My office is both “Mercury-Free” and “Mercury-Safe”. You need to understand the difference and how it impacts your health.

Some dentists may advertise their office as “Mercury-Free” but they may not be “Mercury-Safe”. I have the specialized equipment, training and experience to reduce your exposure to potentially toxic elements, which may be released in the removal process. Don’t risk your health, I can help protect you. I am accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, in the safe removal of amalgam (silver) fillings.

Limited Space and Availability . . . Act Now!

I am honored to welcome many referrals from delighted patients, their families, friends and co-workers. This is a testament to the confidence they have in me and my staff, to provide a superior dental experience. I have recently expanded my hours, after numerous requests from my loyal patients.

As a result, I have a limited number of premium appointments available for new patients, if you act quickly. To reserve your special consultation, call me at 718-545-7175.

P.S. Don’t forget to request your personal copy of my informative, complimentary report:
“How to AVOID going to the Dentist and how to PICK A GREAT ONE, if you must”

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